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  • Where the package is sent from?
    The package will be sent to you from our studio in Berlin, Germany.
  • I would like to give it as birthday present next week, can I still get the order in time?
    Sure! we can send you a fast DHL delivery, just send us an email! Rates are according to the country of destination.
  • Does it come with the flower?
    No, the boutonniere mini vase come without flower, you can choose your favorite flower and its fragrance and fits the color to your outfit.
  • How the water is not poured out?
    We found a great solution based on basic physics, the air double block the water from leaking out.
  • What are your Refund and Exchange policy?
    If something is wrong with the order or for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the product or considering negative or neutral feedback, please email us and we will do everything to help and make you a happy customer.
  • How long does the flower last
    The flower can live in the mini vase for several days if there is enough water inside, as every normal vase. ​
  • Do you have a special offer for wholesale?
    Yes, we have great deals for our partners for big orders, starting from 10 pieces for small shops and events, and up to hundreds. Please contact us by email to get a special deal.
  • To which age is it?
    Boutonniere mini-vase fits a big range of ages, it can be used in many ways and be customized for your event, outfit, and mood.
  • How long does the shipping take?
    Shipping takes usually two to four weeks, depending on the shipping destination. Fast delivery is available by request ​
  • Can I use it as a vase at home?
    Yes, even though the vase is small, you can place it on one of our special stands and use it at home. You can also create your own composition by placing a few boutonnieres next to each other.
  • Is it contain water?
    Yes, in order to keep the flower fresh, the boutonniere designed to contain water safely.
  • How does it work?
    Boutonniere mini vase designed in order to retain water and keep the flower fresh all day long. Apart from being pleasing to the eye, the flower also spreads its fragrances while being worn.
  • Is it for Man or Woman?
    Boutonniere mini vase is a unisex item. It is customized easily by the flower of your choice.
  • What is the size of the boutonniere mini vase?
    Boutonniere mini vase comes in a box of 10.5x5.5 cm and a weight of 20g
  • What does it made of?
    Boutonniere mini vase is made out of glass and brass. you can choose between four different coating, Gold, White gold, Pink gold and black chrome
  • How it is made?
    The boutonniere mini vase is hand-made by glass blowing and goldsmith work. Each product made with a lot of attention and signed on the back of the pin.
  • Can I use herbs instead of flowers?
    Sure! you can use herbs and flower to create your own style and smell composition
  • Which kind of flowers is fitting in?
    Every flower or herbs with a stem of maximum 5mm diameter . You can use multiple flowers and create your own flower arrangement.
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